Schedule & Results

2014 Race Schedule/Results

Date Race Result Time Report/Goals/Thoughts
March 29 70.3 Oceanside 5th (25-29)
70.3 WC Qualification
4:39:10 With <10hrs/wk of training over the last 6 months this was meant to be a "wake up" race to set my head straight ahead of kona. Although we still have a ton of work to do, I was pleasantly surprised with my base fitness!
April 6 70.3 Galveston DNS DNS Work got in the way!
May 3 Wildflower Long Course 10th (25-29) 4:58:18 Second time in the water since Oceanside, second ride on the new bike, lots of fit stuff to work out but had a blast!
June 1 Escape from Alcatraz 11th (25-29) 2:30:46 Worst swim of my triathlon career.
July 13 Vineman 70.3
10th (25-29)
70.3 WC Qualification

4:34:56 Low swim volume is showing (arms ached by the halfway point), also had serious ankle pain going into this race. Managed to "run" but kept it at IM pace for risk of injury. Athlete tip: stay at a VRBO near the swim start, so convenient and cheap!
August 23 Santa Barbara Long Course DNF DNF 23:30 swim (6th out of the water) but crashed pretty hard at mile 18 of the bike turning on to Gobernador. Couldn't continue due to bike issues.
September 21 Lake Tahoe 70.3

October 11 Ironman World Championship - Kona

2013 Race Results

Date Race Result Time Report/Goals/Thoughts
March 3 Escape from Alcatraz 1st AG 2:31:55 Woah what an epic race! Choppy sea made for a meh swim. Very pleased with my power output on the bike but couldn't hold through on the run.
March 30 Ironman 70.3 Oceanside 3rd AG 4:41:25 MEH! Solid swim out front on my own but that's about where it ended. Hard bonk on bike and suffered through 13.1. Lesson learned
May 18 Ironman Texas DNF DNF Heat/hydration/nutrition issues culminated in a visit to medical at mile 21 of the run.  Tough to be so close & with a comfy lead... still had the time of my life!
June 9 Eagleman 70.3
6th AG


I swam, bike and ran and had a tough time doing it. Lots of fatigue left over from TX.
September 8 Ironman Lake Tahoe
1st AG


Rekindling the love for the sport, raced with my head which was enough on the day.


2012 Race Results

Date Race Result Time Report/Goals/Thoughts
March 31 Ironman 70.3 Oceanside 5th AG 4:49:28 My first real race - absolutely shocked to land on the AG podium.
May 19 Ironman Lanzarote 3rd AG 10:38:22 Fun first Ironman! Enjoyed 30 minutes in the lead but my lack of run experience quickly kicked-in on the run. Will definitely be back here in the future.
June 24 Ironman Couer D'Alene 1st AG 10:35:28 Had an absolutely awful day out here. Try to squeeze in a build post Lanza and did not leave enough time to recover.
July 15 Ironman 70.3 Vineman 2nd AG 4:41:59 Love this race especially with support from mom and sis! Brought as much pain as I could on the bike and ran at IM effort.
September 9 Big Kahuna 70.3 1st AG 4:37:04 Training race in advance of Kona. Ran at IM effort and pleased to run down the leader for 1st AG!
October 13 Ironman World Championship – Kona 9th AG 9:49:15
@$#%^&! STOKED with this! Goals were sub-10 top-10 and I smashed it on a super tough day. Seriously overheated on the marathon and crossed the line with clinical heat stroke at internal temp of 105.2 (but medically ok)

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