Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The L,HRA: week 2

It's taken me a few extra days to post my weekly wrap because frankly it hurts like heck to type.

I took my first spill of the season on Sunday off the back of a 90 mile ride. The roads were slick, I took a technical turn too fast for the conditions (32.7 mph) and my bike slipped out from me. All said, I'm counting my blessings as I took a massive slide mountain side (meaning I was turning away from the cliff) and there were no cars around to add insult to injury. I seem to have escaped serious damage to both bike and rider but will be nursing surface wounds for a few weeks. If you so dare click here to see the wounds in all their glory.

Damage control.
It was an otherwise near perfect week of training. I'm recovering much quicker from more weight at the gym, I'm feeling strong on the road, but I will admit that I still managed to get my butt handed to me at Tuesday's speed track workout. At this point in the season weakness is a good sign -- it means I have an even bigger hill to climb, and as we all know it's the road at the top that takes the most effort for the smallest gain.

Coaches orders are to stay off the open road and embrace this week for what it is: recovery. For the bay area natives who don't have to follow similar orders, I recommend exploring the south bay and particularly eureka canyon, an absolute slice of heaven in our backyard (but be careful on the old santa cruz descent!!)

As with last week (how many times do you have to do something for it to become custom?), I leave you with a song. This one from a breaking band called The Kin, who recently played at our Mountain View headquarters and whom I find quite excellent:

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