Monday, March 3, 2014

The Off Season

I've been MIA for a while so thought I'd give a quick update in this rare moment where I surface for air.

I moved to Santa Barbara at the beginning of October to join a start-up company called FindTheBest. A lot of people have been asking what we do so I thought I'd clear the air: we're a website that tells you all the things you didn't (but probably should) know about important topics so you can reach better conclusions. Here are three reasons you should use FTB:

1) We have the information you've been missing
2) We give new meaning to information you already have
3) Our tools lead you to the best conclusions

FindTheBest has a unique approach. We're really broad --> we cover 1200 topics using much of the same underlying data as specialty sites like Edmunds, Zillow, Kayak etc. The key difference is that we structure and connect all these topics (1200 so far) which allows us to:

a) show you related info you've never considered when evaluating an interest (e.g. Duke has great summer weather compared to other colleges in the US)
b) present every number in the context of related ones so you truly understand what they mean (e.g. Marissa Mayer makes $36.6M/yr which is in the top .1% of all CEOs)
c) let you filter and compare things in a more meaningful way (e.g. LA v Santa Barbara)

I'm sure you've all had the experience of making a big purchase or researching something significant and later learning that you missed something. FindTheBest exists so you can avoid that.

In other news, almost immediately after moving here I met a girl. Her name is Katie and we've been dating for a little over 4 months now. At risk of writing an essay about her (let's be honest, it's much more likely to be a song) I'll just say that it was worth waiting for her to come along. Here we are after a recent volunteer day in SB:

Now training... well that's been a little slower going. I'm typically at the office from 8a - 8p plus a handful of hours on the weekend. I usually squirm out for a run during the lunch hour but I'm finding morning workouts harder and harder to come by. I'm doing enough to keep my fitness steady but I'm cutting corners, skipping abs, eating average, finding excuses to skip a ride and hang out with my lady. I know coach probably hates to hear it but I'm ramping things back up and we're taking it all the way this year baby!

I head to Florida next week for TIMEX camp - so expect another post soon.


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